Motor City Materials Salt Dock

Michigan winters are often unpredictable, and sudden, harsh snow storms can lead to a rapid depletion in your supply of road salt. In order to keep your business running efficiently while decreasing the safety risks associated with snow and ice accumulation, it’s crucial to maintain a sufficient supply of road salt. At Osburn Industries, we utilize our Motor City Materials salt dock to effectively receive, store, and distribute road salt to our customers when they need it most.

Expedited Road Salt Deliveries

Our Motor City Materials salt dock allows us to procure, store, and haul road salt to salting companies. As your trusted Detroit area salt supplier, we have the capability to supply a variety of road salt brands to meet your company’s specific needs. Our dock is equipped to effectively store large amounts of salt throughout the winter season to ensure your company receives the salt delivery exactly when you need it.

Prevent a disruption in your company’s daily operations by turning to Osburn Industries to provide you with reliable bulk trucking services to maintain your supply of road salt. Contact our responsive team today to learn more about our Motor City Materials salt dock!